My 3 Favourite Cyprus Snaps Of The Week


This beautifully-coloured bougainvillea tumbles over the rocks behind my house. Makes for a really eye-catching display.

I know I shouldn’t…but this little chap gave me such an adorable pleading look, that I succumbed. Lost two chips.

Sitting on the patio, playing around with my camera…

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  • Ray Greenhow

    The first beats the my dandelion patch to bits, the second – you need a cat and the third? well something(apart from the title) tells me it isn’t Manchester.

    • KarenGuttridge

      Haha – I shall be in Manchester very soon Ray – there will probably be more water there than in my photo!

  • travellingbag

    It’s amazing what you can do with cameras these days – I’m playing around with my new one at the moment, figuring out exactly what I can do with it :-)

    • KarenGuttridge

      Me too! Haven’t had my camera long (and it’s not an expensive one) but it comes up with some amazing things! Going to play with it today again… ;-)

  • SoDelhi

    Cyprus is the heaven on the earth. I had never seen like these snaps in my life. which camera you have to used for taking these snaps? Because at present I am in India at Delhi City, so I need to take the snaps of this beautiful city.