Mustn’t Get Island Happy

Having decided to blog about daily life in Cyprus during the month of July, the first thing I did was leave the island. Well, I’d read that constantly living in an isolated community (such as an island) can lead to notions of superiority towards the rest of the world. Heaven forbid. Besides, my friends had issued an invitation to visit them in the south of France and in order to quash any chance of getting above myself, I obviously had to accept.

I opened up the Ryanair website and became manically absorbed in specifically de-selecting items that Ryanair thought I’d need. Don’t get sucked in folks. I finally got the tickets and only the tickets.

On the day? As per usual hand baggage restrictions are blatantly flouted – the young girl before me rolled up her sleeves, slammed her oversized hand luggage on the maximum size guage and proceeded to jump up and down on top of her bag in an attempt to ram it into the frame. Top marks to Ryanair though for the non-reclining seats; I dread that moment when the seat in front snaps back; the way I see it is we all go back as one or we don’t go at all. As for the onboard sales – hold the hot dog and I’ll pass on the e-cigarettes.

But it did the job.

Et bonjour la France!

Laroque des alberes

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  • Phoebe Thomas

    oh the joys of flying RyanAir…thank goodness they don’t fly to my closest airport so I’m rarely tempted! Hope you had a lovely time in la belle France

    • KarenGuttridge

      France was fantastic Phoebe – I’m definitely aiming to live there one day! :-)