How To Instil Kids With A Love Of Hiking

Children Walking on Trail          Image by vastateparksstaff

If you have young children or know anyone that does, then the advice in the following article is guaranteed to get them enjoying the outdoors from a very young age before the lure of the computer and Playstation gets a grip.

I know it would have worked wonders when my three were very small – and I’ll be the first to admit that I left it too late – I missed the window of opportunity when they were toddlers when everything was fascinating to them.

As with all the best advice, it’s very, very simple but so easy to overlook the obvious.

If you absorb just one piece of advice from the article – make it this:

Getting your kids to hike is all about…

  • taking advantage of what they already like.
  • bringing along the things they like.

Read the full article: Make Hiking A Family Practice – Hiker shares tips on getting kids on the trails

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  • Marian

    Love seeing the young parents here with their babies on their backs. They are usually German, Dutch or Scandinavian. Difficult hiking with the 4-7 year olds who are usually the “Are we there yet?” category. Fortunately my offspring loves hiking too. She’s doing the Inca Trail next month.

    • KarenGuttridge

      That sounds great! The article seems to infer that taking children out hiking with you from a very young age may avoid the problems with the plus 4s! Not sure – I didn’t introduce my children to the activity until they were around 5-6 which I now think may have been too late. Difficult to know.