Enter The Canon Powershot G15

Top of my recent Christmas list was a new camera. I would class myself as a beginner photographer but an enthusiastic learner. For the last year I’ve been using an Olympus TG-620 and although I’m still fond of this robust little guy, I was spending a lot of time in Cyprus where the light is often intense. In strong sunlight it was impossible to detect anything on the LCD screen – I longed for a viewfinder. I also wanted to stay as compact as possible to ensure that I wouldn’t be discouraged from taking the camera out with me every day.

Enter the Canon Powershot G15.

A quick trawl around the stores in Bournemouth and Southampton threw up a price around £440. I really would like to support these businesses but I searched online and found a great deal for £296. Too good to dismiss.

I decided to blog about my journey with my new camera as I scoured user reviews but these are generally written by experts (certainly compared to me!) and packed with jargon. I require a little more hand holding. Maybe you do too? This camera might be packed with features – but what does that mean for me? I’m keen to discover what a bright f/1.8-2.8, 28mm, 5x optical zoom lens or a 12.1 MP CMOS; HS System with DIGIC 5 means in practice. Let’s play…

I spent a couple of hours today reading the manual (I’m female!) and fiddling with buttons and dials plus inadvertently changing all the settings. :-\

One feature I was keen to try out was the Handheld Nightscene – the chance to shoot evening scenes without using a tripod. As dark descends around my home in Paphos, a panorama of twinkling lights unfolds in the surrounding villages. I’ve always wanted to capture it on camera but have never been able to do it justice. I know I need to buy a tripod to ensure minimum camera movement (in low light conditions the shutter has to stay open longer so that enough light hits the sensor. The slightest movement (no breathing!) during this time results in a big blur). In the past I’ve tried to make do by sitting my camera on a stack of boxes (I did say I was a novice…)

Here’s what I captured with the Olympus:

And this is with my new Canon – not perfect (first attempt – bear with me!) but a definite improvement I think.

It’s a start! What do you think?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/genae.dixonbanks Genae Dixon Banks

    Nice starter, when you are ready to step it up I suggest the CanonT3i

    • KarenGuttridge

      Thanks! I’ll take a look :-)

  • http://cherisidlechatter.blogspot.com/ Cheri

    “Enthusiastic learner”– I can relate. ;-) I have a Sony dslr that I love, but it’s too big for routine picture taking. So I had a compact camera at the top of my list this Christmas, and got a pocket Panasonic. My Sony has a handheld twilight setting, and I really enjoy it, and I think even my panasonic has it (though I haven’t yet checked all the settings), so I’m excited about that. Enjoy your new toy!

    • KarenGuttridge

      Hi Cheri – be good to see the pics taken with your new camera! I’ve been out today ‘practising’ which usually means I delete lots(!) but there are always a couple I’m quite pleased with. It’s bright and sunny today which is helping!