Am I Missing Something?

For the next week or so, I’ve decided to select some of my favourite books on marketing and the principles of success and to apply some of the advice therein in order to achieve my goal of raising awareness of this blog. I’d also love to increase my blog subscribers but – one step at a time!

This blogpost has been inspired by the following video:

The video is several years old and it’s likely that you’ve seen it before. That’s fine. I just remember the impact it had on me on first viewing; as one of Professor Richard Wiseman’s test subjects said in his book Did You Spot The Gorilla?: How to Recognise the Hidden Opportunities in Your Life “It makes you wonder what else you are missing in life”

According to Professor Wiseman, our brain only sees what it expects to see and this can cause us to miss opportunities and simple solutions to problems. The good news is that we can ‘prime’ our brains to be more receptive. Have you ever decided to buy a certain make or colour of car and then for the next few days seem to spot these cars everywhere? This is because, by consciously thinking about your desired car, your brain has been ‘primed’ to notice them.

When it comes to problem solving the key, apparently, is to think about a current challenge then to relax and allow your mind the time and freedom to deliver some potential solutions; one mustn’t try too hard.

Ready to try some of Professor Wiseman’s (PW) suggestions? Here’s the first one:

I’m going to list the basic plan below and then gather and blog about my findings over the next few days. Have to give my poor, overworked brain a chance! :-)

Here we go

PW: Write down a single sentence that states what you’d like to achieve
Me: To raise awareness of my blog

PW: Spend some time actively thinking of ways to achieve it

PW: Next, stop trying so hard. Do not completely forget your challenge (Professor Wiseman suggests placing an object on your desk or in your car which reminds you of your goal).

PW: Feed your mind with new experiences (art galleries/museums/different magazines)

PW: What does your brain come up with?

I can’t wait to see what I come up with! Actively thinking now

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  • Vanessa Terrell

    Great post! I’ll have to set a reminder to follow you this week! Thanks for sharing!

    • KarenGuttridge

      Thanks Vanessa – I’m still thinking hard – no strokes of genius just yet! :-)

  • Marian

    Yes, actually I also wanted to say, re. your previous post, perhaps you do have to relax a bit and not try so hard :-) I find when I’m more relaxed it’s much easier to write something than when I’m really pressed. You don’t have any deadlines after all, do you? Why do you need to write something every day? Perhaps it’s me that’s missing something here rather than you!

    • KarenGuttridge

      Hi Marian – Happy New Year! Some good points – I’ve decided to write a post every day just for the month of January. It’s a simple experiment really to find out lots of things – I’m interested in how difficult (or not) it will be but also if my blog is viewed more/receives more comments etc. I’m planning to write a book detailing my life in Cyprus/hiking etc and I want my blog to run alongside that. I’ve definitely noticed that when I blog more regularly, I get increased interest. As you say though – my deadlines are self-imposed! :-)

  • Alvina

    I went through these loops just before Christmas. I felt I had something to write about when I began my blog, then it became too focused on looking at what everyone else was doing… Better just to get back to ideas and good quality writing.

    • KarenGuttridge

      Oh I agree – the absolutely most important thing of all is to write quality content. I’m guess I’m just interested to see what happens with my blog stats etc when I try different approaches. So far, with my frequent postings (doing this for January) there has been a big spike in interest :-)

  • princesscheryle

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