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Karen Guttridge

I grew up in a home next to a failing farm. The farmer had all but given up on the endeavour. One day he knocked down the barn and all the houses in our street were overrun with cockroaches and rats. Each day, before the pest controllers worked their magic, my mother sobbed quietly and my keen fisherman father chased rats around our garden with the handle of his keep net.

For my brother and I, the farm was a magnet. With our friends we roamed the farmer’s fields where the untended corn and grasses swayed way above our heads. We made dens in the woodland and dams in the streams. We explored. Often we would find injured wildlife – a dormouse, pigeon or baby bird which had toppled from the nest and we would nurse them in vain in makeshift cots (shoeboxes).

We claimed Pearlstone pond as our own. It was in fact a tiny stream which ran down a hillside of foxgloves and blackberry bushes down to a real pond thick with frogspawn.

At home one day I was puzzled by a visiting family friend who went everywhere by car yet never seemed to know where anything was. I thought that if you had a car, the opposite would be true. She waved a hand towards the farmland lamenting the fact that ‘nothing’ was there. Then I realised – if it couldn’t be seen from her car window, then she didn’t see it at all. Was it Paul Theroux who said that all the best places are found at the end of the worst roads as this deters mass travel?

And so, I walk. I want to have plenty of chances to talk to people and relish the unpredictable encounters and the freedom to go wherever my feet can.

I’m not evangelical about this. I’ll happily take a plane, a train or my car towards my chosen destination and then loaded with map, GPS, audio and video, I start walking. And share what I find.

As of 2012 I’ll be based in the village of Peyia in Paphos, Cyprus. Read more here: Typing From The Taverna

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Karen x

  • Reasons togonorth

    Hi Karen – a fellow Lady Hiker – spotted you on The Quirky Traveller.  There are lots of guys out there blogging on hiking but not so many of us! 

    Let me know if you head to the Lakes.


    • karenguttridge

      Hello Alvina :) Yes it would be good to read a few more female hiking blogs – be interesting to compare if/how we approach things differently. And I would love to head up to the lakes soon. It’s been years since I visited – ironic really as I lived in Manchester until I was 18 but didn’t make the most of the area at that age!

      Happy hiking!

  • Pam

    Hi Karen - I just found you and the first post I see is the Lymington one. We lived in Lymington for 6 years in the early 90s and actually I love the place. We returned to Australia but I have been back several times. I guess you could say I’ve just become a hiker or maybe a trekker so I’ll be following you with interest. Cheers :-)

    • Karenguttridge

      Hi Pam. Thanks for getting in touch. I’ll look forward to following your hiking adventures on your blog! I’ve just arrived in Cyprus (too hot for hiking!) where I’m hoping to get down to some writing…we’ll see..! :-)

  • Pam

    Sorry – that didn’t work the way it should, was trying to put in my blog address so you could check it out. http://www.travellingbag.wordpress.com