5 Days In Northern Cyprus: Day 4 – The Swim

Today’s rucksacks were stuffed with sandwiches and swimwear in anticipation of the long awaited beach picnic. The walk was to take several hours, with a dunk in the sea as a refresher towards the end.

Day 2 Gathering at the start

The coastline was glorious

Day 2 walk

Day 2 walk coastline

Day 2 Wild flower

Day 2 onwards and upwards

Day 2 Happy walkers

In we go!

Day 2 in we go

Still working up the courage to plunge in fully!

Day 2 refreshing dip

Suitably fed, watered and (for some of us) dried off, time to move on:

Day 2 on the beach

Now where did we leave the cars…?

Day 2 nearly there

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