5 Days In Northern Cyprus: Day 3 – All The Thyme In The World

Villa Lembos

It was time to ignore the irresistible pull of the sun loungers outside our villa (that’s mine nearest to camera – the white one with dinky red pillow…ready and waiting…). Time to explore the village.

We headed towards the flagstaffs. Two flags flying together in Northern Cyprus is a common sight – the red one is the Turkish flag and the white one represents the Turkish Republic Of Northern Cyprus.

Flags in Northern Cyprus

It was a hot day and fortunately we were forced to stroll as the walking pace was dictated by the locals:

Goats, Dipkarpaz

We were happy to amble and take in the surroundings.

Wild flowers, Dipkarpaz

Dipkarpaz village

Wild flowers, Dipkarpaz

Before I could become reunited with that sunlounger I had to earn it. There was some serious walking to be done. Here we go…

Gathering for the day's walk

Coastal views

Rest stop


Wild flower

Wild flowers

The carpet of greenery here is wild thyme – as we scuffed through the clumps the air was filled with the intense scent.

Carpet of wild thyme

Ready for home…

Scrambling down hillside

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