5 Days In Northern Cyprus: Day 2 – From Golden Honey To Golden Beach

Little pots of sweet fig jam and golden honey plus thick folds of creamy yoghurt accompanied our breakfast next morning. The family produced as much as they could themselves on their land and each afternoon we would watch as Coşkun and his young sons tended the vegetable patch.

Breakfast at Villa Lembos



No-one had slept well, but this had nothing at all to do with the beds (fabulous) and everything to do with the wildlife. There was a constant stream of visitors from frogs, Scops owls, donkeys, goats and cows plus no-one had told the cockerel that it was sufficient to make his presence felt just once a day. But of course this is what we came for!

At 5am we sat bolt upright.
What’s that?”
The haunting sound of the call to prayer flooded the village from the speakers of the local mosque. We’d forgotten about that…

Today we were heading for Golden Beach:

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We hardly saw a soul en route, save for a few villagers on foot and a batch of puppies on the side of the road sucking so frantically on their mother’s teats that her whole body wobbled alarmingly.

Villager, Dipkarpaz

Golden Beach lived up to its name.

Golden Beach, Dipkarpaz

Those two again

Golden beach, Dipkarpaz

We were intrigued by the sheen on the rocks – does anyone know what this is? Do help us out by commenting at the end of this post!

Rocks, Golden Beach

Rocks, Golden Beach

Golden Beach, Dipkarpaz

Paddling, Golden Beach


Definitely time for more of that Turkish beer!

Burhan's Golden Beach Restaurant

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